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The Demo packages provide a free way to try the program. They come with very limited content and functionality, but provide a nice backbone for your future characters, if you decide to purchase additional wardrobes for them.

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Each packages consists of two modules. The first module is the character, and all the items attached to the character. For Season #2 packages, you can visit the Settings screen to select which packs should be active. The second module has all the common elements, like backgrounds, background items, companions, tokens, effects, which are shared automatically between the packages.

Themes define what items you see in the common categories. Currently there are only two, Modern and Fantasy. If you only have Fantasy packs active, the backgrounds, effects, cards will only display items which came in these categories. When you turn on packs from the other theme, its common content will be display too.

Season #1 was the starter collection for the software. We've been listening to feedback from our users and tried to improve the overall experience of the program. In the Season #1 packages the resolution was smaller, and the available categories were way less in numbers. In Season #2 we've added a couple of new features, like being able to Toggle whether the items should be in front or in the back, moving the base character around, using virtual alpha to hide some of the unwanted elements, generally improving the quality of the images, and also scaled up the resolution, to be more suitable for general use.

There are some restrictions at the moment when trying to use multiple categories which may cut in each other, and wouldn't look nice. We are working on removing these limitations and keeping them on a minimum.

We are constantly monitoring our Forums to see what our users lacking, and try to add those items in future packs. If you have such an enquiry, please join the conversation with your ideas.

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